Park Quiz

Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks


Test your knowledge of our local parks

  1. The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks are linked to four parks; name the other two parks.
  2. When did Maryon Park become a Greenwich Council Park?
  3. When did Maryon Wilson Park become a Greenwich Council Park?
  4. Name the official organised walks that are mapped through the Friends parks.
  5. Scenes from the cult film ‘Blow-Up’ were filmed in Maryon Park; in what year was the film ‘Blow-Up’ released?
  6. Who was the director of ‘Blow-Up’?
  7. Cox’s Mount is the raised ground in Maryon Park; what was the area used for in Roman Times?
  8. Who was Cox?
  9. What is Maryon Wilson Park’s historic name?
  10. West of Maryon Park is Gilbert’s Pit, who was Gilbert?
  11. What have been the former uses of Gilbert’s Pit?
  12. What was given to Maryon Wilson Park in 1950?
  13. What was discovered in Maryon Park when the railway tunnels were created for the Railway?
  14. Why is Barrier Gardens of historical importance to Charlton Athletic Football Club?
  15. How many Parakeets are there in Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks according to the 2010 Bushcraft UK survey?
  16. At what time do the tours of the Maryon Wilson Parks animal enclosures start ?
  17. Why are Oldhaven (Blackheath) Beds associated with the parks?
  18. What sports events, involving bicycles, used to take place in Maryon Wilson Park in the 1980s?
  19. The parks contain some Champion Trees, what are these?
  20. Who are ‘Bangers and Mash’?

Want to find out how you did? The answers are here