Minutes of Meeting, September 2013


Minutes of meeting, September 2013

Venue:  Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday 19 September 2013

Present: (17) Tim, Steve, Gulle, Andrew, Jason, Micky, Steve, Liz, John, Hazel, John Fahy, Ed, Evelyn, Catherine, Edna, Ronnie, Nigel.

Local Councillor: John Fahy

John offered an update on several points of interest before the main meeting. Funding had been confirmed for Maryon Wilson Animal Park “probably for a number of years”. Men In Sheds have some lottery funds and are looking at Maryon Wilson Park with a view to establishing a workshop. Age UK discussing with the Parks department. The Morris Walk estates development had been confirmed and it was hoped work would begin in the New Year. Tenants would be moved out over the next five years and there would be a mix of low rise and higher rise buildings. Improving Maryon Park could be included as part of the Section 106 agreements. A group of local parents were looking at play areas in the parks. The Council was “informally” committed to the green bridge over the Woolwich Road.

1. Apologies: Chris, Pat, Elen and Roger, Paul, Alan, Christine.

2. The minutes of the July meeting were approved subject to one or two small typos that caused some amusement.

3. Clear Up Days and Volunteer Day reports:

Some 40 whisky bottles had been found, presumed thrown over from one of the houses near the top of the steps. Evelyn and Alan pointed out there was lots of dog mess and suggested some new notices about it. There was a fallen tree on the top path in Maryon Park, still there despite the park keepers being told.

A dozen volunteers from HSBC had turned up and done much useful work in a full day, including litter-picking, clearing the woodland path and clearing the stream as well as working at the Community Garden.

4. Tree plaques, new projects and events:

The tree plaques were now established – they had to be double-sided as part of the vandal-proof design. It was suggested we could do similar work to the HSBC group on Clear Up days.

5. Charlton Society presentation:

Tim had addressed a meeting of the Charlton Society attended by about 50 members on the history of Public Parks and Friends Groups and the work of the Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks.There was an invitation to address the Vanbrugh Park Historical Society in February.

6. Community Garden:

Edna reported that a wide range of vegetables had been harvested. There may be some changes of plot-holders in February.

An Open Day was planned for Saturday 21 September as part of Edible Gardens Open Day with children’s activities etc.

Longer-term projects include a pagoda.

7. Bats:

Ed had seen some bats outside the growing area and also in Woodland Terrace.

8. Friends’ websitewww.friendsofmaryonparks.org

Details of the open day had been put on the Facebook page, which had 16 friends. The Twitter feed now had 250 followers @MaryonWilsonParkSE7

9. Treasurer’s Report:

After spending £383.88 on 100 calendars (selling at £5) plus the tree plaques, the balance was £1,102.44 plus £19.51 petty cash after topping up the mobile phone.

10. Money spending:

Calendars were on sale at meetings, and in between times from Tim, Edna, Steve or Gulle. It was suggested we should have some name badges done at a cost of £15.50 per 100 plus lanyard costs.

11. Emails received:

Jason spoke about some details of the Greenwich Core Strategy, as it would affect the north side of Woolwich Road and the Barrier Park.

12. Greenwich Parks Forum:

Tim had attended the most recent meeting. The Forum was becoming a charity, which might help us all access funding. There had been a budget of £26,000 for Parksfest and good weather, but lower attendances than previously. The Forum had successfully fought against a special school on Harvey Road Sports Fields but lost a protest against a small extension of the hospice in Abbey Wood. The Forum policy seemed to be against any encroachment onto parks, rather than judging cases on their merits. The Chair would like the Friends to discuss this policy at a future Friends meeting.

At the next meeting (21 November in Charlton House) the Forum are to invite a representative from Parks and Open Spaces to speak on the role of the Park Rangers.

13. Guest speaker for AGM:

It was decided to invite John Hedges, a tree expert, to speak about the park’s department strategy on tree management, disappearing trees and their planting policies.

14. Any Other Business:

Carol Kenna had worked extremely hard on the Charlton Parks Reminiscence exhibition, which is at the Greenwich Heritage Centre until 28 September.

Ed reported that a school crossing for Woolwich Road had been approved.

Grace Hills is seriously ill in QEH. A get well card was handed round for signatures.

Hazel said there was concern about watercourses in Maryon Wilson Park that would affect the paths in winter. Others had also noticed how smelly the streams were.

Mickey noted proposals to join New Charlton Community Hall to the building beside it.

Andrew reported that Molly the goat has died but three male deer had been born. A giant rabbit was also now in residence. Animal tours had been the busiest for some years, which backed up our campaign to keep the animals in situ.

The Greenwich Council leader was refusing to deal with the Mayor of London’s cycling tzar Andrew Gilligan.

15. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting is the AGM at St Thomas Hall on Thursday 14 November, 7pm for 7.30 with refreshments being served. Please make every effort to attend and let the secretary know of any nominations for the positions of chair, secretary and treasurer.

The Friends’ 2014 Calendar will be on sale price £5