Minutes of Meeting September 2012


Minutes of meeting, September 2012

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday 13 September 2012

Present (14 ): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Christine, Mickey, Andrew, Jason, Pat, Ronnie and Nigel, Liz, Leslie, Catherine.

Apologies: Oliver, Elen and Roger, Paul, Steve, Hazel and John, Carol, Evelyn.

Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted. Edna wished to point out that the Big Lunch in June was also the Big Launch of the food growing project.

Clear-Up Days report: These had taken place in August and September. A buggy had been found in August. In between clear-ups we were still seeing a lot of litter down Thorntree Hill and at the Pound Park entrance. In between times it would be very helpful if anyone out and about could remove this. Some children had been cutting trees. There was also a discussion about the merits of householders cutting trees overlooking their property, normally because of fears of being burgled. We await a response from the Council. The next clear-up is on Saturday October 6th, meeting at Flamsteed Road entrance to Maryon Wilson park at 10am. All welcome.

Maryon Park Community Food Growing Project: Tim reported that progress was being made, slowly. Most of the terraces had now been cleared and a gate was now in place. Groundworks were due to clear some industrial waste and contractors had been hired to clear tree roots, also paid for by Groundworks. The gate will be padlocked with a combination.

Tree planting: National Tree Week is from Saturday November 24th to December 1st, which was considered an appropriate time to plant our tree in the sheep pen, preferably on one of those Saturdays. Nigel to consult the Council on dates.
Our Website: http://www.friendsofmaryonparks.org: A QR code was now in place on the notice board with a link to the Friends website. Following the addition of a link to our Facebook page, 10 new friends had joined it.

Charlton Riverside development: The meeting was in favour in principle of construction of a green bridge over the busy Woolwich New Road and urged the Council to progress with it, not least because of safety worries about children attending the new primary school on the northern side.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park: Andrew reported that he had resigned as the Friends’ representative on the MWAP board. It is now a limited company, “Maryon Wilson Animal Park Ltd”, applying for charitable status. There is currently no secretary and no treasurer. On Saturday September 29th there is a sponsored dog walk in Maryon Wilson Park. Jeremy Shearmur of the Council has said there will be a new sheep shed in the sheep pen.

Friends’ 2013 Calendar: These were selling extremely well at £5. It was decided that it would nevertheless be unwise to risk a reprint. We would continue seeking estimates for a new Friends leaflet.

Treasurer’s report: The balance was £947.54, following payment of £383.88 for 100 calendars.

Nominations for committee: Andrew agreed to join the committee. The three current officers will stand for re-election at the AGM next month.

Bats: There was to be a bat walk on Tuesday 25th September from Woodlands Farm at 6.45pm.

Correspondence received:
 The Greenwich Parks Forum meeting on 6th September had been attended by Gulle who reported that a number of Friends’ groups who had taken part in ParksFest 2012 were having trouble getting funds back from the Council. The Forum is likely to become a registered charity and all Friends groups will be able to use the charity number for grants etc. Gulle had passed on our view that barbecues could be provided in appropriate parts of certain parks, which was well received. Rob Goring of the Council will look into where might be suitable. By-laws for the parks have been published and we should be receiving a copy. 13 parks in the borough have now received Green Flags; Maryon Park was turned down because of the state of the toilets.

Any other business: 
Tim and Edna had visited the excellent community growing group at Abbey Road. Jim Kinsella was giving a Songs and Scones concert at St Thomas on Sunday September 23rd.

Next meeting: The AGM will be on Thursday November 15th at St Thomas church hall, Woodland Terrace SE7, 7.30pm (come early for refreshments).

Steve Tongue, secretary.