Minutes of Meeting September 2010

Venue: 49 Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday September 23rd 2010

Present (13): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Jason, Pat, Nigel, Ronnie, Liz, John, and Hazel, Catherine, Christine.

Apologies: Elen, Paul, Mickey, Andrew, Dave, Roden.

Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted.

Clear-up days: There had been a big clear-up by Council officials after the travellers departed Barrier Gardens. Pat thought littering overall had improved. Jeremy had been made aware that a bin by the old toilets needed replacing by one with a top. Blackberries had been picked in the September clear-up and sloes for gin were available in Maryon Park near the Woolwich Road according to one member best left unnamed. Tim had been doing occasional clear-ups and had noted a parks officer picking up litter. Catherine suggested that female members in particular should work in pairs rather than individually.

Next clear-up: Saturday October 2nd from 10am.

Parks update: Richard the new stockman had been working very hard in Maryon Wilson. He had drained the pond, which was no longer leaking onto the path. The group had received a communication about the Green Chain Walk being extended for the first time in its 25-year history. It now goes to Dulwich Park and Sydenham Hill Wood via Horniman Gardens on a 5-mile extension. A cutting of the ribbon and special walk was on Sunday September 26th.

Tree map: Nigel had done some excellent work in identifying trees in Maryon Wilson to the best of his ability – 130 so far. That information is now available on the website www.friendsofmaryonparks.org Nigel said there were a disproportionate number of sycamores in the area near the Charlton Park entrance which would eventually dominate. He also mentioned the number of trees with ivy on, though Jeremy for the Council had told us this was not a problem. It was suggested that Nigel contact the Council’s tree expert Joe, who would be interested in the project.

Mobile phone: Our mobile phone was now in use for general messages, though not for urgent calls about anti-social behaviour etc. The number is  07599 299934.

Growing food news: Paul, although unable to be present, had e-mailed to say that Capital Growth funds should not be affected by forthcoming government cuts as they were part of Olympic funding. Greenwich Council had been slow in responses to him about our proposed food-growing in Maryon Park. Pat requested any spare plastic pots for her highly successful tomato plants.

Bats: There had been sightings in various gardens. Should we have bat boxes in trees? It was suggested that bats liked trees which had died and/or blown over.


Bid 1, Changing Places: Our request for £1,000 worth of clearing-up equipment was only progressing after a paper copy had been sent to the Olympic delivery headquarters, after they had been slow to respond to emails.

Bid 2, Lottery Fund for our proposed tree walk; also progressing only slowly, though some queries had been received and answered.

Bid 3, Heritage Lottery Fund for Charlton Park estate project. Our bid for £60,000 had been rejected, although the panel agreed this had “a good heritage focus”. They raised some concerns over value for money, especially over the website and oral history training. Hazel, who is on the committee, felt it would still be possible to do something. Carol’s recommendations included  producing an introductory leaflet instead of printed publication; and looking at reducing training costs and website costs. The steering group meets towards the end of this month to discuss this.

Events co-ordinator: Steve reported back on replies from two local universities about finding an events co-ordinator among their students. The University of East London’s employability manager said their Events Programme Leader would circulate it.  The University of Greenwich said the same but also asked if we would be interested in 6 to 8 final year students delivering an event for us in early March.  The nature of the event would need to be determined by late November. The meeting thought this a good idea; Steve to contact them asking what sort of functions they have put on in the past and also to suggest  they might either make a film about the parks or organise a concert.

Treasurer’s report: Printing 1,000 Christmas cards (see below) had cost £346.33. That left a balance of £466.59; petty cash of £18.98, £10 having been spent topping up the mobile phone.

Any other business: Mickey had cleaned and re-arranged the notice board in Maryon Wilson. There had been little progress on the tall trees blocking out light to some Kinveachy Gardens houses. Gulle had on show a leaflet produced by Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce. The cycle path down to the Thames Barrier was overgrown and needed cutting back.

Date of next meeting: The November meeting will as usual be our AGM, taking place at St Thomas Church, Woodland Terrace in Nellie Raven Room on Thursday November 11th.  Please make every effort to attend and turn up from 7 o’clock for refreshments, sale of Christmas cards, exhibition of photos/ cuttings etc. We are seeking to invite a guest speaker. Nominations for the coveted positions of chair, secretary and treasurer for the next 12 months should be made to the secretary or proposed on the night.

Launch of Christmas card: The cards, on show at the meeting, had printed up well. It was decided to fix the price at 50p each or 10 for £4. To reserve your cards send an email to FriendsofMaryonParks@gmail.com.

The meeting closed with Tim’s quiz, which proved hard but informative and entertaining!

Steve, Secretary