Minutes of Meeting, May 2012


Minutes of meeting, May 2012

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday May 10th 2012

Present (15): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna , Mickey, Andrew , Jason, Pat, Ronnie and Nigel, Steve, Ashleigh, Evelyn, John, Catherine.

1. Apologies: Christine, Roger and Elen, Paul, John, Liz, Hazel, Grace, Carol, Joanne.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted.

Matters arising: Ashleigh had been to a council cabinet meeting discussing the Riverside Development Plan, which had been approved in modified form. There was to be no technical college. The green bridge across Woolwich New Road is now a serious proposal. Ashleigh is involved in a group called Charlton Works campaigning against the plan.

3. Clear Up Days reports:

The first Saturday of May had seen bad weather, but thanks to those who turned up. One den and one motor bike were discovered. Next Clear-Up Day: Saturday June 2nd, meet 10am at the Flamsteed Road entrance to MWP. Followed by lunch at the Food Growing site (see below).

4. MP Community Food Growing Project:

Tim had done a lot of work in clearing the path to the proposed gate. A gate has been costed at £740, for which the Council will invoice Groundworks and there is a smart notice to go onto it. One portion of Japanese knotweed has been successfully treated and we are told it is now safe to remove it. Tools have been bought and are being stored until they can be placed in the chest on site which will be padlocked. Tim and Edna had been to a day of training with Transform. We will have a launch on Saturday June 2nd, on the Food Growing Project Site as part of the Big Lunch celebrations and to launch the publicity for our Transform’s grant support from midday – bring food and drink although we hope some will be provided courtesy of Groundworks. Tim is to produce a newsletter about the project which should be available on our website.

5. Maryon Wilson Animal Park (now the official name):

The Board are keen to have a representative of the Friends. Andrew asked the Friends if he could fulfil this role and the meeting gave him unanimous grateful support. Annual costings are now estimated at approx £80,000 of which some £30,000 has been pledged. Potential donors are looking round the park in the near future.

6. Big Lottery MWP Tree Walk:

A copy of the leaflet was handed round and well received. The launch for the general public will take place as planned on the MWP Open Day with three different walks. Two are planned with local schools on May 29th and 31st (1.30pm).

7. Maryon Wilson Park Open Day:

The annual Open Day will take place on Saturday May 26th from 10am to 4pm. A rota has now been completed and we will have tables and gazebo as normal. All items for sale welcome including plants, bric a brac, books etc.

8. Friends’ Website: www.friendsofmaryonparks.org :

The website was down for two or three weeks but is now back up. Andrew has begun tweeting on Twitter as @MaryonWilsonSE7. Please advise all Friends.

9. Treasurer’s Report:

The balance is now £2248.17 after paying £916 for printing the tree walk leaflets and £247.53 on tools. Three months interest produced a handsome 98p.

10. Friends flyer and leaflet:

A new flyer had been produced for the open day and would be on our stall. Production of an updated leaflet was underway.

11. Proposed 2013 Calendar

It was agreed to stick to 100 copies as previously agreed. But we must have this ready by the end of July to qualify for the 20 per cent discount. A meeting to select photographs will take place at 141 Kinveachy Gardens at 7.30 on WEDNESDAY JUNE 20th (nb new date). Please email any possible photos of the parks before that date to Andersontc@gmail.com .

12. Correspondence received

A letter from the Council leader informed us that Cllr Maureen O’Hara was now the cabinet member responsible for parks, Cllr Fahy having been moved to take charge of Health, Adults and Older People.

Gulle had attended the Greenwich Parks Forum meeting. Dawn Squires, the head of parks, reported on a change to more flexible working practices and job descriptions. The Council are hoping to have 12 Green Flag parks in 2012 and will inspect Maryon Park shortly.

We have been informed about the following:

- the King’s Troop cavalry are using Charlton Park while Woolwich Common is out of use

- the Charlton Riverside plan is available online at www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/masterplans or at the new Woolwich Centre

- an exhibition of Green Chain Walk photographs is at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital from May 24th to September 2nd.

- the Horn Fayre will be at Charlton House on Sunday June 24th from 11am

- Tim is on a panel at Queen Mary College’s Living British Cinema festival on June 12th (11.30am) to talk about the filming of “Blow Up” in Maryon Park

- Ashleigh will look into a possible art installation in Charlton Park

13. Any other Business:

- A man had been mugged in Maryon Wilson Park by a youngish white woman who ran off towards Maryon Park.

- A new Green Chain Walk ‘eating places’ leaflet was out, mentioning Charlton House

- The Charlton House Reminiscence Project is drawing to a close. Carol would like volunteers for morning or afternoon sessions of the final exhibition from June 25th to July 6th at Charlton House.

- Catherine would appreciate news of any bat sightings

15. Date of next meetings:

Thursday July 12th and Thursday September 13th,both 7.30pm at Kinveachy Gardens.

Steve Tongue, Secretary