Minutes of Meeting March 2017


Minutes of Meeting, March 2017

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens, SE7
Date: Thursday 9 March 2017
Present: (10) Christine (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Catherine, Alan, Nigel, Ronnie, Liz, Edna, Tim.

1. Welcome and Apologies: (6) Andrew, Jason, Evelyn, Mickey Jane D, John, Hazel, Paul, Cllr John Fahy.

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising: Accepted.
In the Community Garden report, the date of the Big Dig has now been confirmed as April 22.

3. Proposed Open Day:
On February 9 our sub-committee met the Council’s Larry Blake and Dyan Davis, who outlined the Ops Plan that would be required for any event, including marshalling, health & safety etc. Subsequently we learnt that because the ban on visiting the animal pens has been extended indefinitely, none would be available and the annual sheep-shearing – a major attraction of the Open Day – would not take place publicly. Dyan then provided an alarming list of prices that the regular stallholders charged, ranging from £150 to £192 and totalling over £500, and the estimate we received for even one portaloo including delivery and collection was £155.
The committee decided that the options were either a greatly scaled down event in Maryon Wilson Park or joining in with the Big Lunch in Maryon Park on Sunday June 18. The meeting agreed that the latter option was the better one.
Action: Steve to contact the organisers, request a stall for the Friends and offer help.

4. Other Council news:
a) Pam and Richard from Maryon Wilson Park had joined a trip to Hadlow (Agricultural) College and been impressed by the possibility of a link-up in the future management of the animals in MWP.
b) On February 24 we undertook a lengthy walkabout in the parks with Chris Elliott, who works for the Council’s Community Services Directorate and is meeting Friends’ groups in the borough as part of a project to improve and develop relationships in the future. One option is to appoint a liaison officer we could work with. He was impressed with our work and drew our attention to the Great British Spring Clean organised by Keep Britain Tidy, which happily coincided with our Clean Up on the first weekend of March.
Our representatives were also invited to the Council’s thank you reception for volunteers taking place later this month.
c) The Charlton Riverside Masterplan, which affects Barrier Gardens, is currently available for consultation and there is a session at the New Charlton Community centre (corner of Maryon Road and Woodland Terrace) at 7pm on Wednesday March 22. It mentions the possible Green Bridge across the Woolwich Road which would start in Maryon Park and has been estimated at £12million.
d) Christine, Tim and Edna all attended the Parks Strategy meeting at which it was stated that Parks, Estates and Open Spaces needed to make money from existing and/or new facilities. To that end, they were looking at all buildings, including the derelict toilets in MWP, to see if they could be “re-purposed”.

5. Community orchard proposal:
Tim reported that a group of Charlton residents are keen on starting a community garden and orchard. They currently look after the flower beds at Charlton Station. They had suggested Charlton Park as a site, which has been rejected and were looking at Maryon Wilson or Maryon Park. The Council have asked for our opinion, which backed up Tim’s, already expressed to them on behalf of the Community Garden, that neither park was suitable. The meeting suggested that possible venues might be somewhere in Gilbert’s Pit, or in the Cherry Orchard estate; but we remain unsure what the precise aim of an orchard would be – selling produce, for instance, offering plots or making it available free to anyone to pick.
Action: Christine to reply to David Willoughby making the above points.

6. Maryon Park Community Garden Report:
The Garden survived the recent stormy weather that brought down two trees.
A 70th and a 7th Birthday were celebrated in the Garden on 25th January with champagne and cake.
The Garden will be taking part in Capital Growth’s Big Dig Open Day on Saturday 22nd April, 10.00am – 4.00pm.
We will be attending a Capital Growth networking event on Wednesday 15th March, to prepare for the Big Dig.
There will be an educational visit from Marjorie McClure School/College on 1st June with 17 students (16 – 19 years old) and seven staff.
All plots have been topped-up with fresh organic compost and covered to warm the soil ready for spring planting out. Bulbs have been planted and are growing on the slope.
The poly tunnel has been cleaned and hundreds of flower seeds and vegetables potted.
The Community Forest is growing slowly. Dinah planted donated wild flowers, from Chris, around the Forest School area.
Alan has constructed a ‘Rusty Rakes Rest Home’ with the help of volunteers, Dinah and Vanessa. The lower areas have been cleared, thanks to Rod and Leslie, ready for the new perimeter fencing.
The Garden has received £7,500, the first tranche of the £10,000 ‘Bags of Help’ Grant from Tesco. Meetings have been held to discuss the new perimeter security fence and new gates.
The AGM is on Tuesday 14th March at 141 Kinveachy Gardens, 7pm for 7.30, when there will be an illustrated annual report and the audited accounts will be published. Vegetarian refreshments provided.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Balance was as two months ago, £668.09, with petty cash £19.16.

8. Any Other Business:
Many thanks to those who turned out in the February and March Clear-Ups.
In March, with 11 people, we did some tidying up of branches (and one huge log) left by the recent storm, which took down at least three trees in Maryon Wilson Park.
Catherine reported that daffodils and other bulbs planted over the last three years are beginning to come through nicely.
As our notice-board is increasingly hard to get at, it was suggested we try to get it moved, perhaps to the triangle opposite the old toilets.
Some diary dates: Saturday 18 March Charlton Society meeting on Red House at Charlton House, 2.30pm
Thursday 20 April Greenwich Parks Forum at old Woolwich Town Hall 7.30pm
Thursday 27 April Greenwich Wildlife Advisory Group, Town Hall 7pm
Next meetings:
Note that our May meeting has been put back one week to Thursday 11 May, when we will discuss a possible calendar for 2018 and leafleting of local houses. Followed by Thursday 13 July, both at Kinveachy Gardens, 7.20 for 7.30pm.
Clear-Ups: Saturday 1 April and Saturday 6 May – meet at our gazebo in Maryon Wilson Park any time from 10am to midday. Refreshments provided.

Steve Tongue, secretary
Email: friendsofmaryonparks@gmail.com