Minutes of Meeting March 2016


Minutes of the meeting Thursday 17th March 2016

Present: Christine (chair), Gulle (treasurer), Mickey (notetaker), Ashley, Evelyn, Jason, John, Hazel, Liz, Rod, Ronnie, Nigel, Pino.

1. Apologies: Catherine, Steve, Andrew, Ruth, Maria, Peter, Lesley, Tim, Edna, Alan.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: accepted.

3. Update from Council
Two benches have been replaced in Maryon Park. Also path repairs have been noted although some are still needed in Maryon Wilson Park.
Damage to grass in MP has been repaired.
MWP – Some kindling from fallen poplars has been removed though there is still some remaining. Two large poplars had fallen in the goat pen during a recent storm (some timber left for the goats to climb on). It was noticed that there were a number of small trees in MWP which had rotted at the base and fallen, possibly due to the very wet weather, but concern was raised as to the possibility of a fungal disease of these as well as the condition of the Chestnut trees.
Green Flag Inspection in MP: Signage to ladies toilet needs clarifying and it was felt that some members of the Friends would like to accompany the Green Flag Inspection
Christine to contact Jeremy and cc Rob Goring regarding these issues. She would also like to make contact with Jeremy’s replacement.
Gilberts Pit: London Geodiversity Partnership and Natural England have been working on building a pathway/steps up to the exposed cliff face. This work is due to finish in April.

4. Council reception for voluntary groups: Rod had attended this and made contact with Rob Goring.

5. February and March clear-ups: Catherine and others removed some of the poplar kindling from MWP. Members thought that it would be a good idea to target areas for future clear-ups and it was proposed to work on the area at the top of Thorntree Road so that the brambles could be cut back when it was first mowed in the Spring. Also some bigger rubbish removal from next to the steps going down to MP.

6. Park Projects: The missing sleepers have still not been replaced in the lower part of MP climbing up towards the railway bridge. Rod is continuing his Herculean task in MWP and reported that it only needed a couple more days of work.

7. MP Community Garden and Forest School : The shelter for the forest school has been completed. Unfortunately Alan will not be able to do as much as usual for some time and Edna has asked for volunteers to help with upcoming events, full details of which are on the MPCC website www.maryonparkcommunitygarden.btck.co.uk . The ‘Big Dig’ on 16th April 10.00-4.00.

8. Maryon Wilson Animal Park Update: Jackie Smith has confirmed that the report which recommends that the animal park be taken back under Council care and funding will soon go to cabinet for approval.

9. Proposed Queen’s Birthday Event in MP:
The Charlton Parkside Community Hub were planning a community event in MP on 12th June. It was felt we should have a presence at this event and it was agreed to discuss further at the next meeting. The Queen’s 90th birthday celebration coincides with the national Big Lunch on 12th June and so the MP Community Garden will celebrate in the Community Garden (next to the Community Hub event) instead of MWP this year.

10. Treasurers Report: Current balance stands at £838.16 and petty cash at £12.11. Gulle reminded that it had been agreed at a management meeting (and ratified at a full members’ meeting) that spending under £25 could be sanctioned by either Gulle, Steve or Christine. Spending over £25 needs to be taken up by the management committee. Gulle reported that the process of changing bank account signatories to accommodate a change in Chair contained an overload of details!

11. IT Report: Jason reported that January stats recorded 61 hits and February 25. Currently we are £1.26 in credit.

12. Groups:
Greenwich Wildlife Advisory Group will be meeting at the Woolwich Centre 26th April at 7 pm.
Charlton Society, Charlton House – “Charlton Wildlife” – A talk by John Beckham will be on 21st May.

13. AOB: Liz suggested that we share future publicity opportunities with the Charlton Society. This was agreed by the meeting.
Hazel suggested that it would be helpful to have detailed maps of both parks at our meetings so that everyone was clear about which area of the parks was being discussed. This was agreed.
Ashley reported that outline planning permission for the skateboard park to be built in Charlton Park was going to committee. Planning permission was now in the hands of the Council – the earliest this could be granted was 11th April. She was very excited about the new design of the park and thanked the Friends for their support when it was previously proposed to be built in MP.

14. Date of the next meeting: 5th May at Kinveachy Gardens.
Next clear-up day Saturday 2nd April.