Minutes of Meeting March 2014


Minutes of meeting, March 2014

Venue:  Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday 20 March 2014

Present: (17) Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer),  Alan, Jason,  John, Hazel,  Evelyn, Catherine, Edna, Ronnie, Nigel, Pat, Rod, Lesley, Mickey, Liz.

1.  Apologies:
 Andrew (vice-chair),  Paul, Steve G, Elen, Roger, Carol, Clare.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting 
The minutes of the January meeting were approved and the date corrected. 

3.  Clear Up Days and Volunteer Day reports:
Items collected included an airbed and a door, plus many beer cans by the railway bridge. Rubble from the improvement on Maryon Park steps had been dumped in the woods, which we have reported. There were many positive comments about the flowering daffodils we planted, including one congratulatory email.
Above all, however, was the outstanding work done by Rod and Lesley in Maryon Wilson. They were offered the possibility of new tools including a petrol strimmer but felt that the hardest task now was digging out the roots of the brambles etc.
Jeremy Shearmur from the Council had been very impressed with the work and would be supplying grass seed. One visitor had mentioned feeling much more secure when walking through at night.
It was suggested that we should put up a notice saying the work had been done by the Friends.   
4.  Community Garden:
Pat M had joined the steering committee in place of Pat F, who was thanked for her contribution. Beds are now being prepared for planting, bags of manure have been acquired, the art installation blown down in the recent storm is back up and the sink is now ready. A polytunnel is in place, paid for by Tim’s recent speaking fees.
An article in the Guardian weekend magazine featured the garden with quotes from Tim and Edna.
The children’s area is expanding, though it was decided not to include a pond, for safety reasons. Windrush School were keen to use the forest area behind the Community Garden garden as a ‘Forest School’, with a separate entrance, which we would welcome.  A Toddlers Club for parents and their children will start on Wednesday mornings from April with CRB checked leaders. The Big Dig Open day was taking place on Saturday March 22nd.

5.Report from MWAP
Liz will email for details of the next meeting and see document attached:

 6.Greenwich Parks Forum:
Tim and Edna had attended on our behalf. There had been a presentation from two members of the Public Health team, on how parks help with health.  There will be an audit of each park asking that. Public Health has moved out of the NHS to local council Health and Social Care departments.
Some money may be available after the Parks Festival.
The Forum appears to have a policy of objecting to all building on parks and open spaces. There was some concern that the Forum are presenting this as a united view when our group and others may disagree and would prefer to discuss it on a case-by-case basis. The latest example was the objection to an indoor athletics facility next to the track at Sutcliffe Park.

7. National Citizen Service Volunteering
Catherine had experience of this at Plumstead Manor School. 15-17 year olds devise a project in their local area and then work on it for a week. It was agreed to invite a representative of NCSV to the next meeting to see if it would work for us.

8. Website:
Jason raised the possibility of adverts on the website, which the meeting had no moral objection to. Adverts would be selected by Google to reflect the nature of the site (eg, National Trust) and could provide a modest income. 

9.  Treasurer’s Report:
We had sold £460 worth of calendars, which cost £384, making a profit of £76. 
The balance was £1,482.45.

10. Grant applications
Tim had applied for grants from  1) City of London Growing Localities offering up to £2,500 for fencing. 2) Capital Clear Up £1,500 for raised beds and the Forest School. 
A bid to the National Lottery funded and Kew Gardens sponsored ‘Growing Wild Fund’ had failed.  

11.  Correspondence:
Andrew sent in the following report. 
1) The Park Twitter feed now has 390 followers, many of them retweeting items. See www.twitter/com @MaryonWilsonSE7
2) Charlton Society meeting was very impressed with our work in Maryon Wilson.
3) Cllr John Fahy has confirmed the possibility of  a skateboard park in Maryon Park on the site of the existing children’s playground, which would be moved nearer to the flats. Andrew was undecided but felt it would draw skateboarders from quite a wide area and be quite a big change to a small park. Our meeting voted in favour, partly on the basis that the children’s area needed to be moved in any case.
4) The Council have agreed to renovate the toilets in Charlton Park.
5) The Charlton Society have applied to make the White Swan pub in the village an asset of community value, to prevent it being made into flats. 

Jeremy Shearmur had further updated some of the points raised in our walkabout last year:  In Maryon Wilson: 
- Brambles had been cleared and he was dropping some seed round to the Andersons for us to use 
- The trees on Little Heath would be surveyed by Joe Woodcock this week for damage/disease
- Stream by the bus shelter had been cleared a second time 
In Maryon:
- After the surveyor had left, the project has been reassigned and a quote is being obtained
- Area by Woolwich Road gate had been cut back as previously promised and seeding would take place shortly. 
- Water fountain still not mended, being chased up.
- Tree stump by Mickey’s house to be eco-plugged; staff to be reminded again. 

12.  Any Other Business:
A specialist company ‘Aqua Designs’ had been brought in to look at the pond in Maryon Wilson.
Carol wanted us to know that the Charlton Park reminiscence website had been updated, and material archived at the Greenwich Local History Centre.
Jason said plans for the new development south of the Woolwich Road were due to begin in 2018 and apparently included a McDonald’s on the Co-Op Funeral site.
Open Day in Maryon Wilson would be on Saturday May 17 (FA Cup final day, though sadly Charlton will not now be involved).
Tim had free badges with the park logo on which a name could be printed.  
13.  Date of next meeting:
Thursday 8th May at Kinveachy Gardens,  7.15pm for 7.30, to plan Open Day. 
Next clear-ups: Saturday April 5th and Saturday May 3rd, meet at Flamsteed Road entrance to Maryon Wilson Park at 10am. Black sacks supplied. Bring gloves.

Email: friendsofmaryonparks@gmail.com