Minutes of Meeting, March 2013


Minutes of meeting, March 2013

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens

Date:  Thursday March 14th, 2013

Present (17): Tim (chair), Gulle  (treasurer), Edna, Oliver, Kat, Chris, Christine, Mickey, Andrew, Steve, John and Hazel, Evelyn, Leslie, Ian, Catherine, Alan. 

1. Apologies: Paul, Elen and Roger, Jason, John, Pat, Ronnie and Nigel, Liz, Grace, Carol, Ashleigh, Steve (secretary), Tom.

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

a) The date was amended to read January 17th.

b) The compost in item 5 should be organic kitchen waste compost.

c) The booklet produced for the Reminiscence project was still available.

d) The data protection: It was the council, not MWAP Ltd, who would need to contact the people who signed the STAMP petition.


 3. Tree planting ceremony 

Nigel had requested that the Friends order two plaques for our Field Maple tree in Maryon Wilson Park, one for the tree and one for the fence. Draft wording was passed round.

4. Clear Up Days reports

A branch and tree were down on the ridge; and two trees down in Maryon Park. Gulle found a bagload of cans in the brambles and has emailed Jeremy Shearmur about cutting the brambles down. Steve Green found a drinking den and a pack of Greenwich Time newspapers. Liz and Steve, like Lesley, have adopted their own area to focus on. Concerns expressed over dog mess should be referred to Paul Martin of the Council.

Next Clear-Up Day: Saturday April 6th, meet 10am at the MWP Flamsteed Road entrance

 5. MP Community Food Growing  Project:

Saturday March 16th was National Big Dig Day.

Applications are being invited for 12 plots at £50 each per year, with selection criteria being 1) residents of flats without gardens, 2) people with health issues who could benefit from gardening, 3) Friends who have worked on the project.All rubbish has now been cleared, some of the fencing repaired, and with one compost bin created.Alan and Rod completed a big job by putting up a shed.Cold frames had been built though it was too cold to plant yet.

The Japanese knotweed area has been fenced off and will be retreated.

A children’s area is planned and a space that could be used for ‘Forest School’ activities.

Thorntree school are interested.

6. Maryon Wilson Animal Park:

Chris, Ian and Kat introduced themselves and described the changes in the MWAP Board.

Peter Doyle will take over as chair from April 1st. Ian Robertson, a qualified accountant, is the new treasurer. The new board aim to write a business plan, negotiate the lease and a service level agreement with a funding strategy for 3-5 years. They would like the support of the Friends group to give local advice and support events.

Chris, Ian and Kat responded to various questions about the Animal Park, staff salaries and the proposed café/toilet/classroom. Tim explained that the original covenant for the park states that toilets should be provided in the park. On March 30th there will be an Easter egg hunt, with park tours, craft and food stalls. It was hoped the Friends would have a presence with a table with leaflets and information – Gulle volunteered.

Gulle read a response from Tom, our representative, to some questions including

Who was on the board?

What financial progress has been made?

The email contact address is mwanimalpark@hotmail.com

7. Greenwich Parks Forum meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting had been emailed to Friends. There was one on March 14th, and minutes of that meeting will be emailed to Friends. 

8. Website

Committee member Andrew listed some useful websites in addition to our own.  Andrew runs a twitter stream about the parks and features all Friends’ events and news @MaryonWilsonSE7. It has approx 150 followers but is often retweeted to 5000+ more.

Friends MySpace


Andrew’s Twitter Account.


Luise’s Facebook Page for the Maryon Park Food Growing Garden


The MW Animal Park Website, Twitter and Facebook




Parks Facebook and MySpace sites




The Charlton Parks Reminiscence site:


9. Treasurer’s Report

As per last meeting:  balance £1,258.87, petty cash was £16.51.

10. Ideas for spending funds

It was decided that £500 would be loaned to the food growing project.

Other ideas included a bench there; tools, seeds, timber and topsoil.

Bat detectors.

Bee-friendly meadow plants (Oliver is a volunteer at Woodlands Farm and will find about the possibility of managing bees).

11. Correspondence received

Jeremy Shearmur had replied to us, saying tyre tracks by the old toilets will be dealt with.

Tim and Edna were attending a free seminar on March 23rd about Community Empowerment.

12.  Any Other Business:

There was a long discussion about a cycle path through Maryon Wilson Park being proposed by the council and with possible funding from Transport for London. It would run from the Pound Park Road entrance to Cemetery Lane, where there would be a new exit.

Steve Green, a committed cyclist, was strongly against. The Friends felt that, with the downhill slope, speeding cyclists would be a great danger especially to the elderly and young children.

Advantages would be better drainage and resurfacing, benefits to the RDA ponies and wheelchair users.

The Council are currently holding a consultation period.

Christine reported back from the Ecobuild exhibition at the ExCel centre. www.ecobuild.co.uk

There was a Charlton Society meeting on March 16th, and a petition to stop the annual Run To The Beat event on grounds of the chaos it caused.

The new road opposite the Charlton Athletic football ground is being named Deer Park Terrace.

13. Date of next meetings:

Thursday May 9th and Thursday July 18th, both at Kinveachy Gardens, 7.30pm.