Minutes of meeting, March 2012


Minutes of meeting, March 2012

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday March 22nd 2012

Present (16): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Roger, Paul, Mickey, Jason, Pat, Ronnie, Liz and Steve, Evelyn, John and Hazel, Lesley, Joanne.

1. Apologies: Christine, Elen, John, Andrew, Nigel, Carol, Catherine.

Pre-meeting: Tim introduced Shaka, who will be our liaison with Groundwork for the Community Food Growing project. We are helping him with the dissertation for his degree, which involves us filling in a Waste Report card about what we put in our waste bins. Completing the Waste Survey is a condition of the support we are to receive from Groundworks. Through “Transform” a London 2012 initiative, we have obtained support up to value of £5,000 in materials and personnel for our project in Maryon Park.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted.

Matters arising: None.

3. Maryon Wilson Animal Park Charity

Edna reported on the latest developments on the Trust/Charity being set up to administer the Animal Care Centre. The inaugural meeting had appointed Cllr Alan McCarthy as interim chair. It is to be a Ltd company with charitable status. Cllr JF explained that the council will continue to employ the stockkeeper. The work completed for the animal enclosures by the council gardeners and park rangers has been costed. A fund-raising organisation has been appointed and the financial viability of the centre will be reviewed in 6 months.

4. Clear-Up Days

Our thanks to those who turned out in February and March. Eight bags had been filled from what appeared to be a campsite in Maryon Wilson. In the children’s swing park in Maryon a table had been left covered with cans after a liquid picnic. A number of members have been doing their own clearing up which we appreciate and recommend to others. Next Clear-Up Day: Saturday April 7th+, meet 10am at the Flamsteed Road entrance to MWP.

5. MP Community Food Growing Project

A good number of volunteers had done more work on the site. We are now considering buying equipment and a gate or fence. A professional gardener will advise on what to grow and where and when to do so, as part of the Groundworks Transform funding support.

6. Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project

There had been a very successful event for local schools at Charlton House at the start of February. There is a permanent exhibition there from June 25th to July 7th and volunteers are required to help with sessions in the morning or afternoon. There is a private viewing on the evening of June 26th.

7. Big Lottery MWP Tree Walk

Good progress has been made on the website, mobile site and android app for our Tree Walk in Maryon Wilson Park for which we had won a grant of £2,650. A proof copy of the leaflet was handed round and well received. There will be a launch to the general public which it was agreed will be combined with the MWP Open Day on Saturday May 26th. The launch for schools is yet to be arranged. Unfortunately we will not be able to plant a tree then as it is the wrong time of year.

8. Charlton Riverside Development Plan

Tim reported on the above, which is a long-term strategy being proposed by the Council, affecting us as a group only in that Barrier Gardens would be involved, and therefore the proposed skateboard park. Part of the scheme (which stretches along the river and involves schools, houses, a college etc) involves widening Barrier Gardens and Barrier Park to make a continuous green walk from Shooters Hill to the river – at least it would if a green bridge across Woolwich Road was included.

9. Maryon Wilson Park Open Day

The Open Day has been confirmed for Saturday May 26th. We will need many volunteers for the day, as the Tree Walk launch is also scheduled, plus things to sell – plants, books, bric-a-brac etc. A rota will be drawn up at the next meeting (May 10th).

10. Friends website News

The website is being updated with news of the food growing project and any other developments. www.friendsofmaryonparks.org.

11. Treasurers Report

The balance is now £3410.72 (£600 had been paid for the design of the tree walk leaflet). Petty cash is £14.01 (the mobile phone had been topped up for £10).

12. Proposed 2013 Calendar and New Leaflet

Steve had received quotes for 100 calendars of £412 inc VAT from the previous printers in Cambridge (up from £338 in 2010) and £390 inc VAT from the CMS printers in Dartford. His recommendation that we stick with what we know was accepted. It has proved impractical to have a tear-off postcard without significantly increasing the price. We would stick to that rather than having a greetings card as well. Joanne would assist Ashleigh in updating our leaflet and Tim would organise flyers for the Open Day.

13. Correspondence received

There was a London Forum meeting on March 26th which we would receive minutes of.

Our clear ups and Food Growing project work should be appearing in the Green Chain Spring Events Guide.

14. Any other Business

Jeremy had taken part in a walkabout with us and been congratulated on the amount of brambles that had been cut back. Algae in the swings park could not be removed without damaging the surface but can be swept with a hard broom which Christine has been doing. There had been a Council reception for volunteers at which thanks were expressed for our contribution as a group. Avery Hill Friends were very keen to contact a face painter if anyone knows of one.

15. Date of next meetings:

Thursday May 10th and Thursday July 12th, both 7.30pm at Kinveachy Gardens.

Steve, Secretary