Minutes of Meeting, July 2012


Minutes of meeting, July 2012

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens
Date: Thursday July 12th 2012

Present (12): Tim (chair), Steve(secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Oliver, Jason, Ronnie and Nigel, Evelyn, John, Thomas , Catherine.

1. Apologies: Mickey, Andrew, Pat, Christine, Paul, Liz and Steve, Hazel, Carol, Alison.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted.

3. Clear Up Days reports:
The clear-up on the first Saturday of June was followed by a well-attended Big Lunch with 25 people. Thanks to those who turned up, and in July. Christine reported a fallen tree on Thorntree Road now obstructing the bollards and making it impossible to cut the grass – to be reported to Jeremy of the Parks Dept. Next Clear-Up Day: Saturday August 4th, meet 10am at the Flamsteed Road entrance to Maryon Wilson Park.

4. Maryon Park Community Food Growing Project:
Edna reported excellent progress, which included plans drawn up by Jack Astbury from Transform/Groundworks, with 15 plots proposed. Japanese knotweed had been cleared and bagged up for removal, however the knotweed not yet bagged up cannot be removed at this time. There was some asbestos sheeting that did need removing, at a cost of well over £1,500 from the ‘grant’ money. Tim had done repairs to the broken fence. The new gate was due next week. Tools are now going to be stored in a hut and not in the chest on site which is full of fertilizer.

5. Maryon Wilson Animal Park (now the official name):
Andrew was unable to attend the meeting and to feed back, however it was understood that Helen Cleary has now stepped down as Vice Chair. There had been a public event in General Gordon Square, reported in the local press, to sign up supporters and potential sponsors, Asda Charlton among them.

6. Big Lottery MWP Tree Walk:
Nigel reported that the leaflet is now available on Kindle for less than a pound. The Android app is available. The launch for the general public took place at the MWP Open Day. It appears that tree No 12 on Tree Walk 2 has now gone down. In November we will plant a field maple tree called Queen Elizabeth inside the sheep enclosure. We are hopeful that local resident Cyril Young, the Queen’s representative in Greenwich, will attend. The iPhone app will also be launched then. Nigel is to give a talk to Greenwich Wildlife Advisory Group (GWAG) next week.

7. Friends’ Website: www.friendsofmaryonparks.org
The website is now back up and more stable. A plan of the growing area is now on it. Andrew has begun tweeting on Twitter as @MaryonWilsonSE7. Please advise all friends.

8. Treasurer’s Report:
After the addition of £319 made at the Maryon Wilson Park Open Day – thanks to all involved for that – the balance is now £1,331.42. Petty cash is £16.51.

10. Friends leaflet:
Production of an updated leaflet is underway. Tim and Nigel will seek estimates.

11. Friends’ 2013 Calendar:
A proof had arrived from the Cambridge printers and was widely admired. The calendars (100) should be available in the next six weeks and will be for sale at £5. Please continue supplying any photos of the parks – especially Maryon Park – at all times of year for future use in a calendar/leaflet etc. Please e-mail them to Friendsofmaryonparks@gmail.com .

12. Correspondence/emails received

a) At the last Greenwich Forum meeting, there was discussion about the use of barbecues, currently not allowed in Greenwich parks. Our suggestion, which Gulle will take to the next meeting, was that they should be allowed in designated areas of appropriate parks.

b) The Greenwich Get Active Campaign had been launched, encouraging residents to take more exercise. Look out for the mobile unit or check www.greenwichgetactive.com .

c) The not-for-profit Embrace Corporation based in Brixton is starting a 3 year nature conservation and environmental education project. It is possible they may be able to help with volunteers.

13. Any other Business:

a) A friend of Jason’s was offering up to 40 volunteers via HSBC. We will put her in touch with the Council.

b) Oliver asked about bee-keeping and would be pleased to hear from any members interested. Tim will put him in touch with Charlton Manor School.

c) Tim was on a panel at Queen Mary College’s Living British Cinema festival on June 12th, speaking about the filming of “Blow Up” in Maryon Park.

d) The Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project exhibition at Charlton House was now over – thanks to those who acted as volunteers. Approximately 280 people attended. Exhibits will now be moved to the Greenwich Heritage Centre at Woolwich Arsenal. The website www.charltonparks.co.uk will be kept up, initially at least, for five years.

14. Dates of next meetings:

Thursday September 13th, 7.30pm at Kinveachy Gardens.
The AGM at St Thomas Church, Woodland Terrace SE7,Thursday November 15th, 7.30pm.

Steve Tongue, Secretary