Minutes of Meeting January 2017

Minutes of Meeting, January 2017
Venue: Kinveachy Gardens
Date: Thursday January 12th 2017

Present (11): Steve(secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Steve, Mickey, Ronnie, Nigel, Rod, Lesley, Colin, Jane, Peet

1. Welcome and Apologies: In the absence of Christine, who was not well, Steve welcomed those who had defied the snow and slush, including Colin and Jane, both attending for the first time. Apologies: Christine Anthony (chair), John, Hazel, Liz, Jason, Paul, Andrew, Catherine.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted. In the Community Gardens report, the art therapist’s name was Simon Woodward.

3. Clear Ups:
There was a good turn-out in December, and the gazebo survived being blown down at one point. In January numbers were fewer in worse weather, but all the more appreciated. We will continue on the first Saturday of every month from 10am-midday.

4. Council and parks news:
a) Denise Hyland, the Council leader, had written a reply to our local MP Matthew Pennycook, who attended our AGM in November, about the future of the Maryon Wilson Animal Park. The letter, circulated earlier to members, said in summary that there is a budget to cover annual operational costs; that there has been no overall reduction in animal stock; and that the Council is in discussions with Hadlow (Agricultural) College to see if they could help run it in future. Investment would be required in amenities “including toilets and a classroom”. We have been invited to join a visit to Hadlow College in Tonbridge on Friday January 20th ; any committee member who would like to attend should contact Steve asap.
b) Animal tours have been suspended for the time being because of the avian flu outbreak.
c) The Council’s David Willoughby expressed his appreciation to Lesley and Peet for clearing the fallen tree across the main path in Maryon Wilson.
d) David also said that the old toilets in MWP were one of the sites being visited by borough surveyors as part of a feasibility study into possible works.
e) A resident had emailed us bewailing the poor state of the playground in Maryon, which some members felt to be a slightly harsh criticism in the present economic climate.

5. MWP Open Day:
Christine, Steve, Liz, Hazel and John have agreed to be part of a working party to help set up an Open Day in MWP, normally held in May but dependent on when the sheep-shearer is available. The sub-committee will liaise with Rob Goring of the Council, and will meet next month at a date to be arranged. Any suggestions for events/stalls welcome. Rob replied to our preliminary email by suggesting a) the Friends would “take the lead” in organising; b) it would be “cost neutral”; c) if we want sheep-shearing that would determine the date; d) main point of contact would be Larry Blake (Senior Parks Ranger). The feeling of the meeting was that we would like the sheep-shearing; but saw no benefit in making this event part of ParksFest.

6. Community Garden report:
The Community Garden was successful in the public vote for the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ grant and will receive £10,000 for new fencing and gates plus finance for work with Special Schools.
The ‘Family Christmas’ event went well, with Santa Claus present.
Plot holders have been growing winter crops including cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
A brick patio has been laid down next to the shop and Alan is also building a new access path, for the working area. Future projects include providing a shelter for the children’s area, a flowerpot store and a shed for the long handled garden tools.
The waiting list for plot holders has been extended.
The AGM will be on Tuesday 14th March when audited accounts will be published. The Garden will be taking part in Capital Growth’s Big Dig Open Day on April 15th (date to be confirmed). Any vacant plots will be allocated to new members from the 1st of April 2017 for the next season.

7. Social media:
The Facebook notice about postponement of tours had been seen by 120 people.
1,000 new leaflets are now available and will be handed out to park visitors and possibly by house-to-house delivery. Our thanks to Christophe, a professional designer, for his assistance.

8. Treasurer’s report:
After paying for hall hire for the AGM of £56.25 and for 1,000 leaflets at the discounted price of £58.38, the balance is £668.09 with petty cash of £19.16.

9. Other groups:
Greenwich Parks Forum met in December and received Gulle’s survey into how other Friends groups operate (reported at our AGM).
A Greenwich Wildlife Advisory Group meeting will take place on January 19.

10: Any Other Business:
A horse had been chased through MWP by a dog after apparently throwing its rider in Charlton Park and had ended up by St Thomas Church, thankfully unhurt.
Peet advised that a Staffordshire bull terrier coloured brindle (brown with streaks) was often loose by the north-western corner of MWP (by the roundabout) and had attacked two other dogs.
He had also been told that the Council intend a new clampdown on rubbish being thrown into MWP from houses in Guild Road.
Mickey suggested a letter to local councillors about the lack of litter bins at bus stops, especially those on the Woolwich Road where it ends up blowing (or being thrown) into Maryon Park.

11: Date of next meetings and Clear Ups:
We will meet on Thursday March 9th and Thursday May 4th at Kinveachy Gardens for a 7.30pm start. Clear ups on the first Saturday of the month, February 4th and March 4th, meeting at the gazebo in Maryon Wilson Park from 10am to midday.
Steve (Secretary)