Minutes of Meeting, January 2013


Minutes of meeting, January 2013

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday January 18th 2013

Present (16): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Christine, Elen, Mickey, Andrew, Pat, Ronnie and Nigel, Evelyn, Leslie, Tom, Catherine, Alan.


1. Apologies: Paul, Grace, Carol.


2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted, with no matters arising.


3. Tree planting ceremony

Our Field Maple tree, Queen Elizabeth, was planted in the sheep pen on Saturday November 24th by the Queen’s representative in Greenwich, Cyril Young. The press attended the ceremony and a double middle-page article was published in Greenwich Time covering the Tree Planting and the Tree Walk App. A double-sided plaque will be added with details of the date, tree etc.


4. Clear Up Days reports:

The clear-ups on the first Saturday of December and of January had been attended by five stalwarts. Our thanks to them. On the January date the gate by the level crossing was found to be locked. The top of Maryon Park gate was also locked, preventing the link between Maryon and Maryon Wilson parks. It had been Council policy to keep it locked over the Christmas period although this will be revised; it was pointed out by the Charlton Society that this is part of the Green Chain Walk. There was a lot of litter in Barrier Gardens and some large items had been spotted by the steps in Maryon Park, which we will attempt to clear when the weather is better. Next Clear-Up Day: Saturday February 2nd, meet 10am at the Flamsteed Road entrance to MWP.


5. MP Community Food Growing Project:

After much hard work, we are ready to start growing, with five fruit trees and bushes. Timber frames have been erected and Alan will shortly obtain some netting to put over them. Work is continuing every Wednesday and any compost would be gratefully received. The Council gardeners have been very helpful. The project so far has been so successful that Groundworks have chosen it for a special study.


6. Maryon Wilson Animal Park (now the official name):

Tom reported that he has been accepted as our representative, initially as an observer and then as a full trustee. A treasurer, Ian Robertson, has now been appointed. There was a Christmas event, a deer feed; and a new pony Tony Tim has been welcomed. The Board would like to train some volunteers for weekend work; the email contact address is mwanimalpark@hotmail.com

Members of the public are also welcome on committees like Fundraising.

The Board would like to contact those 7,500 who signed the STAMP petition, however it was pointed out that, under data protection, they would have to do so by individually contacting each signatory asking for permission to contact them! Members of the meeting pointed out that the signatories to the STAMP petition called on the Council to extend the funding of the animal Centre (as it was then called) beyond April 2012.


7. Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project

The project is now coming to an end but an excellent booklet has been produced with selections of photos and interviews (available free, plus p&p). The complete project can be found on the website www.charltonparks.co.uk , which will be manaed for five years. Further memories can be added. The ‘physical’ memories will be stored in the Heritage Centre.


8. Walkabout

Four of our members had undertaken a walkabout with Jeremy Shearmur of the Council of Maryon and Maryon Wilson parks, identifying many familiar problems. These included tyre marks left on the grass by Council vehicles, water at the bottom of the MW Park steps, the steps down to the level crossing and basketball nets in MP, which we were told would not be replaced because they are immediately vandalised.

Jeremy reported back that graffiti had been removed and that cutting back of the woodland walk “will be carried out in the next couple of months”.

After many complaints about five skips being left at the back of Kinveachy Gardens houses for a long period, they were eventually removed just before Christmas Eve. The Council implied skips would not be allowed on again.


9. Greenwich Parks Forum AGM

Nobody had been able to attend but we will circulate the minutes when they are received.


10. Website

Jason is going to create a Food Growing home page to ease access to the Food Growing News. Andrew described the three Twitter streams associated with the Parks and the Animal Park, including his own – @MaryonWilsonSE7, which has approx 100 followers. Another twitter feed is @mwanimalpark .


11. Treasurer’s report

Gulle reported that all 100 calendars had been sold, bringing in £500 after printing costs of £383.88. The balance was now £1,258.87. Suggestions for anything we might spend some of this on should be brought to the next meeting. Petty cash was £16.51.


12. Correspondence received

An exhibition of Green Chain Walk photographs is at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital until February 27th.

Birdwatching Walks at Woodlands Farm on Saturdays February 9th and March 9th from 2pm.

GWAG meeting at Woolwich Town Hall on January 31st, 7pm.

Tim has applied to Capital Growth for a litter-picking kit which would assist our Clear-Up days.

Grants from the Big Lottery have been extended to an annual maximum of £10,000.


13. Any other Business:

Mickey had been to a meeting of local residents. They have a small growing project at Kidd Place and a plant swap has been suggested.

Tim was to be guest speaker at the Charlton Society on Saturday January 19th.

(Secretary’s note: the meeting was postponed because of bad weather)

Christine asked if there was any update on the proposed green bridge across Woolwich Road and where it would go on the north side but there was no news. Andrew is trying to keep track on developments.


14. Date of next meeting: Thursday March 14th at Kinveachy Gardens, 7.30pm.


Steve Tongue, Secretary