Minutes of Meeting, January 2012


Minutes of meeting, January 2012

Venue: Kinveachy Gardens

Date: Thursday January 19th 2012

Present (17): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Paul, Andrew, Jason, Pat, Nigel, Ronnie, Liz Green, Steve, Ashleigh, Evelyn, John, Lesley, Catherine, Christine.

1. Apologies: Helen, Mickey, David, Hazel, Grace, Carol.

2. Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted.

Matters arising: There had been a number of break-ins in the area, especially at the bottom end of Kinveachy Gardens. More police officers have been sighted recently. But beware of calls claiming to be from police officers wanting to know when people are at home.

3. Maryon Wilson Animal Park Trust

Tim and Andrew reported on the latest developments on the Trust set up to administer the Animal Care Centre. The Trust has been set up as a limited company and will be registered as a charitable trust able to apply for funds not available to the Council and they are currently interviewing for 8-12 members and a chair, as well as looking for potential sponsors. Funding for the stockman has been guaranteed for a year. The council have reached an agreement with the Riding for the Disabled Charity and the Friends understand that the RDA riding ponies will be staying in the park. The Council will make an official response to the petition of some 7,500 signatures at their meeting on January 25, when it was felt we would not need to ask a question.

4. Clear-Up Days

There had been a good turn-out in December and January, thanks to those who came. Christine pointed out that leaves in the play area of Maryon Park were not being removed and that moss growing would eventually rot the rubber surface. Tim to report that. As so many cans are found we wondered whether separate bins for recyclable items would be a good idea. Next Clear-Up Day: Saturday February 4th, meet 10am at the Flamsteed Road entrance to MWP.

5. MP Community Food Growing Project

A small group had met the previous week. A bid for funds had produced £350 towards tools, a gate etc. It was felt that securing the site was important at an early stage to prevent any vandalism. Christine said there was also a need to protect houses backing onto the site from possible intruders. Carol would like a video of chainsaw work on the fallen tree for her Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project. We have now applied for up to £5,000 from the Transform Fund, which is aimed at similar projects to our food growing.

6. Big Lottery MWP Tree Walk

Nigel reported on plans for the Tree Walk in Maryon Wilson Park for which we had won a grant of £2,650. The leaflet is with Carol for designing. A splendid guide to the trees is now on Kindle. The Woodland Trust wants to plant 6 million trees in 2012 and we could have one in the park for approximately £150. Nigel suggested a site inside the sheep pen and said a Field Maple was available for £143. Jason said the details of the walk will go on the website and there will even be an iPhone application that will guide people to individual trees etc. There will be a launch for schools and the general public in May, which it was suggested should be combined with the MWP Open Day (date to be confirmed).

7. Charlton Park Reminiscence Project

There is an event at Charlton House for schools and the general public on 1 and 2 February. Volunteers would be appreciated to help with sessions in the morning or afternoon.

8. Skateboard Park update

Ashleigh reported that the Peninsula Park venue which the Greenwich Skateboard Co-Op had been hoping for was not going to materialise and, rather than the Maryon Park playground, they had now settled on the Thames Barrier Park (just north of the Woolwich Road and part of our remit) as the preferred location. The site was about 35 metres by 35 (1100square metres in total) set back about 25 metres from the road. The Green Chain Walk and cycle path would have to be moved a couple of metres. Iron railings were proposed along the edge of the path and along Eastmoor Street to the west and a hedge between the skateboard park and existing seating area to minimise noise. The meeting felt it was important to preserve the pedestrian track but also to offer a facility for young people and offered support with reservations. Some members felt that it was inappropriate to build a skateboard park on landscaped green space. The chair has withdrawn his support from the Skateboard co-operative.

9. Greenwich Parks Forum

Tim and Edna had attended the Forum meeting at which disappointment was expressed that no Council members were present. Dawn Squires the new head of Parks and Open Spaces was to be invited to the next one. Plans for the Parksfest, in which we decided not to participate, were underway. Congratulations were offered to us and the STAMP campaign on the 7,500 signature petition and campaign to save Animal Care Centre.

10. Friends website News

The regular blog on the STAMP campaign has now been replaced by a statement on the state of play. Jason continues to update the Friends’ website.

11. Treasurers Report

We had paid for the hire of St Thomas’ hall for the AGM. Christmas cards had sold out, bringing in £97 plus £44. There was handsome 89p interest. The £350 grant for the Food Growing project had been banked, making £3,000 in grants out of a balance of £4,010.72p

12. Proposed 2013 Calendar and New Leaflet

Steve would investigate costs of a calendar such as we produced for 2010 and also one with a detachable postcard on the bottom. Leaflets were running out as well as being a little out of date. Ashleigh volunteered to update the leaflet (Gulle will provide her with the text). It was agreed to produce a new card (possibly a general rather than a Christmas card). Photos from the parks are requested for all the above.

13. Correspondence received

The equestrian centre on Shooters Hill was going ahead despite objections received.

14. Any other Business

There is a Valentine’s day concert at St Thomas on February 14th with Mr James Kinsella.

15. Date of next meetings:

Thursday March 22nd and Thursday May 10th 7.30pm at Kinveachy Gardens.

Steve, Secretary