Minutes of AGM November 2013


Minutes of Annual General Meeting, November 2013



Venue: St Thomas Church

Date: Thursday November 14th 2013


Present (19):  Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Paul, Andrew, Catherine, Mickey, Pat, Jason, Hazel, John, Alan, Ashleigh, Liz, Evelyn, Lesley, Jane, John F.


Apologies: Veronica and Nigel, Roger and Elen, Carol, Chris, Steve G, Ed.



Tim welcomed everyone to the 12th AGM and presented an illustrated talk on “Why do we have The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks?” He reported the National Audit Office statistic that 87% of those surveyed had used their local park or open space in the past year. He also summarised our regular and occasional work, including photos of the recent planting of 2,000 bulbs in Maryon Wilson Park, and the current issues we were facing including the future of the Maryon Wilson Animal Park and the future of Barrier Gardens.


Minutes of last meeting: Accepted. There were no matters arising.


Chair’s annual report:

Tim handed round a comprehensive report of the year’s activities, available on our website http://www.friendsofmaryonparks.org and summarised as follows:


Activities included:

- Working to help keep the parks clear of litter, rubble and rubbish.

-  Running events including a stall at the council’s Maryon Wilson Park Open Day.

- Launching the Maryon Park Food Growing Community Garden.

- Organising three special Open Days in the Maryon Park Food Growing Area.

- Publishing the Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks 2014 calendar.

- 12 Clear-Up Days.


Events included:

Big Dig Day, Launch of the ‘Maryon Park Community Garden’, Maryon Wilson Park Open Day, The Big Lunch, Garden Open Day, Charlton Society Guest Lecture, HSBC Volunteers Day in the Park and Garden, Edible Gardens Community Garden Open Day, Plaques for the Jubilee Tree placed on the tree and fence.


Current Issues included:

a) The future of the Maryon Wilson Animal Park.

b) A proposal to develop a Cycle path through Maryon Wilson Park. The Friends are very concerned about safety issues and as a group are against the project.

c) The Friends are in support of the building of a Green Bridge over the Woolwich Road linking Maryon Park to Barrier Gardens.


Treasurer’s Annual report:

Gulle reported that for the financial year ending October 31st 2013 there was income of £809.45, including £403.45 from the Open Day and expenditure of £815.88 including full cost (£383.88) of printing the 2014 calendars currently being sold.


Total savings in reserve are £1,102.44. The report was unanimously accepted.


Maryon Park Community Garden Report

Edna reported on a highly successful year developing the Community Garden on the site of the former Council Plant Nursery abandoned some 25 / 30 years ago. There are 16 plot holders and the first produce had been harvested during the year. Members expressed thanks to all those who have worked so hard on this project.


Election of officers and management committee:   

There being a dearth of nominations for the immensely prestigious positions of chair, secretary and treasurer, Tim, Steve and Gulle respectively were re-elected for another year. Tim also made the case for an official vice-chair who might take meetings if and when he was absent and Andrew agreed to serve. The committee comprising the above quartet plus Paul, Jason, John, Catherine and Christine will continue.


Election of Friends’ Observer to Maryon Wilson Animal Park Charity Board meetings:  

Liz agreed to become our representative at the above meetings and report back on discussions and decisions.


Any other business:

1. Mickey reported that the Community Hall was trying to get a grant that would include a cafe, which might impact on plans for the same in Maryon Park.

2. Ashleigh pointed out that the deadline for recommendations about the Council’s Core Strategy was imminent. She recommended the www.CharltonChampion.co.uk website for updates and blog 853 that covers local political issues: http://853blog.com/


Date of next meeting and Clear-Up:

The first meeting of the New Year will be on Thursday January 16th, 7.30 prompt at

49 Kinveachy Gardens.

The Clear-Ups in the parks continue on the first Saturday of every month: December 7th and January 4th at 10am, meeting at the Flamsteed Road entrance to Maryon Wilson Park. Black sacks supplied: bring a pair of gloves.


Steve (secretary)

e-mail: friendsofmaryonparks@gmail.com