Minutes of AGM November 2012


Minutes of Annual General Meeting, November 2012

Venue: St Thomas’ Church Hall

Date: Thursday November 15th 2012

Present (30): Tim (chair), Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Edna, Christine, Paul, Mickey, Jason, Pat, Nigel, Hazel and John, Evelyn, Leslie, Catherine, P. , Ray, Katherine, Carol, Sylvia , Rod, Ed, David, Roden and Hazel, Thomas, Alan, Helen, Ashleigh, John.

Apologies: Elen, Liz and Steve, Maria, Grace.

Before the formal AGM, John Goodwin of the Maryon Wilson Animal Park charity addressed the meeting. He said the cost of keeping the animals was now put at £150,000 a year, so that it would be necessary to raise a substantial amount of money. His suggestions for the future included a café and good toilets and events such as a choir with carols; engaging young people; lots of trained volunteers like at the Olympics; occasionally some new animals. The charity has a temporary secretary but could do with a treasurer and a lawyer among new board members. The next meeting to encourage new directors will be at the Town Hall on December 5th, 5.30pm. John was keen to work with the Friends. The Council will still have responsibility for the park ; the charity will be responsible for the animal enclosures. Carol said the Council would pay for 2012-13 after which the Trust would have to meet one-third of costs for 2013-14, two-thirds for 2014-15 and everything for 2015-16.

Tim thanked John for joining us.

Minutes of previous meeting: Accepted. Andrew wished it to be made clear that he had resigned from the MWAP Ltd board, which was why he could therefore no longer act as the Friends’ representative.

Chair’s annual report:

Tim reported on the main events of a busy year including the Food-Growing project; Open Day, Charlton Park Reminiscence Project; Calendars and new leaflet; website and Twitter; Clear-Ups; Big Lunch and Big Launch; Tree Walk leaflet; Media coverage. The full report is on the website www.friendsofmaryonparks.org

Treasurer’s report:

Gulle reported income of £1,132.66 (including the sale of 64 calendars) and expenditure of £3,572.62, of which £2,650 was from the Tree Walks grant received in February 2011. The balance at the bank was now £1,108.87. Petty cash £16.51.

Election of officers and management committee:

Tim, Steve and Gulle were re-elected for a further year. Andrew has joined the committee.

Election of Friends’ rep to Maryon Wilson Animal Park charity.

Tom introduced himself as having been vice-chair of the British Youth Council and spent two years in the Youth Parliament, speaking in the House of Commons and Lords. He was happy to act as the Friends’ representative, which was agreed by the meeting. He will take recommendations from the Friends and report back.

Any other business:

Our tree, a Field Maple Queen Elizabeth, would be planted in the sheep pen on Saturday November 24th at 11am, to which everyone was warmly invited. The Queen’s representative in Greenwich, Cyril Young, will plant the tree. There will also be a guided walk and demonstration of the phone app.

Ed Simmons reported on the case for a green bridge across Woolwich Road now that Windrush Junior School is getting busier with 90 new children every year. Those at the meeting were invited to sign a petition, as the Council were reported to be “hesitant” about the bridge. They had agreed however that pedestrians had to wait too long for the existing lights to change.

Mickey requested a walkabout in the parks with Jeremy of the Council – Steve to fix.

Jason said some 200 artists now had work on show in the studios at Warspite Road on Saturdays and Sundays.

Edna reported that certificates of achievement had been received for the food growing project from Transform and Groundwork.

Gulle had been at the most recent meeting of the borough-wide Parks Forum. A copy of the parks by-laws was now available by email and will be on the Council website. The Forum AGM is on January 10th at Charlton House (7.30pm). The subject of authorised barbecues in parks was raised but Dawn Squires (head of parks and open spaces) said previous experience was that they caused problems.

Gulle asked if anyone was able to supply a newer model of mobile phone than our current one.

Calendars were on sale at £5 but fewer than 40 remained.

Next meeting:

Will be on Thursday January 17th at Kinveachy Gardens (7.30 prompt).

Steve, secretary,