Minutes of AGM November 2010

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, November 2010

Venue: Nellie Raven Room, St Thomas Church
Date:   Thursday November 11th 2010
Present (15): Steve (secretary), Gulle (treasurer), Paul, Catherine, Mickey, Pat, Christine, Jason Veronica, John, Eve, Elen and Roger, Ashleigh, Jane.

Special guests: PCs Tom and Emma (Charlton Safer Neighbourhood Team).
Apologies:  Edna and Tim(chair), Hazel, Andrew, Liz, Alex.

Welcome:  Steve, chairing in the absence of Tim, who was indisposed because of a broken arm, welcomed everyone to the AGM including our two SNT guests, who were standing in for Sgt Adrian.

Safer Neighbourhood Policing:

PCs Tom and Emma, whose Charlton beat includes Maryon Wilson Park and Charlton Park, answered questions from members on a range of issues including anti-social behaviour, motor cycles and quad bikes, fly-tipping and drug use. They were aware of one case of indecent exposure in the park which led to an arrest, although they did not know the outcome of the case. The SNT team are happy to receive calls on similar problems (0208 721 2734 or 07766 992 585) although anything requiring an immediate response should go to the rapid response team on 0300 123 1212 and serious emergencies should always go to 999.

The advice on photographing anyone indulging in anti-social or criminal behaviour was that while photos are always useful, care should be taken not to antagonise anyone at a risk to personal safety. The constables then left the meeting with our thanks.

ACTION: Steve to ask the Riverside team responsible for Maryon Park whether they have a key and can gain access to the park when it is locked.

Minutes of last meeting:  Accepted.
Matters arising: Mickey had emailed a natural history link to Nigel following his excellent work on identifying trees in Maryon Wilson. There was a Council meeting on tree identification planned, although unfortunately it was during working hours.
Chair’s annual report: Tim had prepared a comprehensive report, presented by Steve. It reviewed our activities during the past 12 months including:

MWP Open Day: £200 was raised. Monthly clean-up days: at the November one we had dealt with up to 20 black bags of soil dumped near the north-western corner of Maryon Wilson. Donkey derby: had been difficult to arrange, mainly for health and safety reasons. Two local universities had been approached about their supplying an events manager or organising a major event as part of a business management course. The 2010 calendar: sold out. Christmas cards were now on sale at 50p each or £4 for 10.

Jason had helped with the website (http://www.friendsofmaryonparks.org) and mobile phone, Nigel had produced a tree map and Paul had led investigations into a site for growing food. A survey suggested there were 8 parakeets in Maryon Wilson; four new deer had been born. Paul the stockman retired in April after 40 years’ service and appreciated our card and gift; his replacement Richard was settling in well. Travellers had been evicted from Barrier Park after one of our members drew the Council’s attention to their presence. New dog control measures were in force, although dogs were still allowed off the lead in all our parks.

Sub-committees had been established to deal with Christmas card production, growing food and funding bids and members had been involved with the Greenwich Parks’ Forum, Parks festival, Green Chain Walk Festival and Olympic Heritage.

The Council was seeking the prestigious Green Flag status for Maryon Park. £175,000 has been pledged for improvements. 2012 trees were being planted for Olympic year.

Projects and bids: We had suggested the former nursery area in Maryon Park for growing food and received Council support. The bid for funding for a Tree walk in Maryon Wilson was unsuccessful but we may be able to produce a leaflet without funding. The Charlton Estate project including Charlton Park has been resubmitted for Lottery funding.

Tim wished to thank all members for their support during the year.
Treasurer’s Annual report:
Gulle reported that for the financial year ending October 31st 2010 we had income of £500 (calendar sales and MWP Open Day) and expenditure of £382.83, of which £346.33 was for printing of Christmas cards, £30 for hire of church hall for 2009 AGM and £6.50 to renew the website domain name. This made for a profit of £117.17. Total savings were £466.59. The report was accepted.

Election of officers and management committee:
Tim, Steve and Gulle respectively were re-elected for another year.
The other committee members, Paul, Jason, Hazel and John, Catherine and Christine all agreed to serve another year.

Amendment to Constitution:

The committee had discovered that the parkland near the Thames Barrier included in our brief (from the vets to Woolwich Road) is officially called Barrier Park, not Barrier Gardens (which is the area nearer the Barrier belonging to the Environment Agency)
We were therefore changing the name in the constitution and also updating the wording to encompass having received a start-up grant from the Council. The amendments were agreed and the constitution will be re-typed and circulated to members.

Food growing Project:

It was agreed that on the next Clean Up day (December 4th) the sub-committee would have a site meeting in Maryon Park. ACTION: Mickey would also contact the Council’s allotment officer for a list of people on the waiting list so that we could encourage them to run it.

Use of members’ email addresses:

The meeting agreed that it was reasonable to send emails about “our” parks to all members who had voluntarily supplied an email address, though not to contact them with news/information from other sources.

Information from the Council:

This would become a regular item on the agenda, to comply with the above.

Any other business:
1. There would be a London Friends group meeting at City Hall on November 29th when cuts affecting parks were on the agenda.

2. Mickey asked what the Council were proposing to do about Japanese knotweed ACTION: Steve to ask Jeremy what current Council policy is.

3. Mickey supplied photos of Council vans causing damage by having driven across areas of grass which she would submit to Jeremy.

4. Steve would also ask Jeremy about the possibility of a Friends’ notice board for Maryon Park, although we should perhaps be prepared to fund it if the Council will not.

5. There had been no significant information from the Greenwich Parks Forum, although we were kept up to date by them and tried to attend their meetings.

Date of next meeting and Clear-Ups:
The first meeting of the new year will be on Thursday January 13th, at 7.30 prompt at 49 Kinveachy Gardens.

The Clear-Ups in the parks continue on the first Saturday of every month: December 4th and a Hangover Special on January 1st at 10am, meeting at the Flamsteed Road entrance to Maryon Wilson Park. Black sacks supplied: bring a pair of gloves.

Steve (secretary)

e-mail: friendsofmaryonparks@gmail.com or s.tongue @independent.co.uk