Annual Report 2013

Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks

Including Gilbert’s Pit and the Barrier Park

The 12th Annual Report November 2012 – November 2013

This year the Friends, a voluntary community group, have met formally six times and continue to help improve awareness and the up-keep of our local parks.

Activities this year, have included:
Working to help keep the parks clear of litter, rubble and rubbish.
Running events including a stall at the council’s Maryon Wilson Park Open Day.
Launching the Maryon Park Food Growing Community Garden.
Organising three special Open Days in the Maryon Park Food Growing Area.
Publishing the Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks 2014 calendar.

The bi-monthly meetings were held this year on:
15th Nov 2012 AGM (30 attended) 19th January 2012 (17 attended)
14th March 2013 (18 attended) 9th May 2012 (15 attended)
18th July 20123 (19 attended) 19th Sept. 2012 (17 attended)

Clear-ups days
The Friends have run 12 ‘Clear-Up Days’ on the first Saturday in the month, clearing litter, rubbish and rubble from the parks and open spaces. The Friends successfully bid for a ‘Capital Clear-up Bag’ of equipment including litter pickers. After the clear-up sessions teas and coffees have been provided for those taking part. In the afternoons, the Friends Community Garden in Maryon Park is open to the public and Friends and other volunteers to work in the garden. The Friends also planted daffodils bulbs in October and completed some basic gardening and maintenance tasks in the parks.

1. Saturday16th March: Big Dig Day
The launch of the ‘Maryon Park Community Garden’ on Big Dig Day
2. Saturday 18th May: Maryon Wilson Park Open Day
Friends fund-raising stall; bric-a-brac, books,Teddy tombola, tomato and other plants.
3. Saturday 1st June: The Big Lunch.
The Friends ran an informal picnic in Maryon Wilson Park.
4.Saturday 3rd August: Green Chain Festival- Garden Open Day
An Garden Open Day event linked to the Green Chain Walking Festival.
4. Saturday 17th August: Charlton Society Guest Lecture.
5. Wednesday 11th September: HSBC Volunteers Day in the Park and Garden.
6. Saturday 21st September Edible Gardens
Community Garden Open Day on

Other Events
1. The plaques for the Jubilee Tree have been placed on the tree and fence
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The Maryon Park Community Garden
The Community Garden was launched this year and Charlton residents, mainly those living in local flats without gardens, took the plots. Alan Webb has improved the site facilities by constructing fences and laying paths. Supporters of the project donated a Men-in-Sheds picnic table and by September the first harvest provided a full range of produce including 50 lbs of potatoes, hundreds of tomatoes, rhubarb and pumpkins.
The garden attracts families and children’s activities are run on garden open days.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park
Greenwich Council have set-up a Charity and Limited Company to take over the running of the Animal Park. There have been many changes in the membership of the board. The council announced funding for the next three years after a ‘Friends’ question to the full council meeting. The long-term future of the Animal Park is still uncertain.

The Friends Digital Footprint
The Friends digital footprint has been extended and now includes a Twitter account as well as our Website and Facebook sites. Louise, a volunteer, has set up a Facebook page, for the Community Garden. Andrew Donkin’s unofficial Friends Twitter account has been very helpful in recruiting volunteers and visitors to the community garden.

Media Coverage
Royal Greenwich Time, News Shopper, the Mercury plus local websites including the Charlton Champion, have covered the Friends activities and projects during the year.

Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project
The lottery funded Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project has been completed very successfully with a final exhibition at the Greenwich Heritage Centre, Artillery Square Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.

Current Issues
Current issues for the Friends include:
a) The future of the Maryon Wilson Animal Park is still of concern. Greenwich Council have set up a Charity and Limited Company to run the Animal Park and announced in August that they will be funding the park for the next three years. The long-term future will depend upon the success of the Charity.
b) There is a proposal to develop a Cycle path through Maryon Wilson Park. The Friends are very concerned about safety issues and as a group are against the project.
c) The Friends are in support of the building of a Green Bridge over the Woolwich Road linking Maryon Park to Barrier Gardens.

The 2014 calendar has already proved to be very popular. A new Community Garden leaflet has been designed and is>