Tree Walk

The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks, a voluntary community group, encourage members of the general public to appreciate and use two beautiful local parks in Charlton, London.

It is said that the Lords of the Manor, the Maryon-Wilson family, collected tree specimens and planted examples of every native British tree in their parks, then known as Hanging Woods.

A member of the Friends group, Nigel Freestone, started to identify and plot the trees on google maps, the Secretary and Chair of the Friends looked for funding opportunities to turn the google map into a leaflet.

A grant from ‘Awards for All’ a Lottery grants scheme funding small, local community-based projects in the UK, made the creation of a leaflet, schools teaching and learning resources and websites possible.

We hope that the general public will enjoy learning about the trees and that there will be an increase in the number of visitors to Maryon Wilson Park

The Walks

Two walks were created. Tree Walk One is a circular route following well made paths around the animal enclosures in the park and consists of the following trees. Tree Walk Two is a longer walk that takes in most of the park, starting at a one end and finishing at another, and consists of the following trees.

The following resources were created to support the walks.

A Leaflet

A leaflet was created and 5000 copies printed to be distributed to libraries, schools, council buildings and to other interested parties. A digital version of Tree Walk One and Two can be found on the Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project.

This Website

The Friends will host these pages describing Tree Walks One and Two along with detailed photographs and other digital resouces.

A Mobile Website

Again hosted on the Friends website this version is optimised for smaller screens with less detailed photo’s and content in an effort to speed download and reduce data costs of mobile phone users viewing this site while in the park. The site can be accessed from the short URL ( as well as the longer normal URL of http:// which will be advertised on the Friends notice board in the park itself.

Android and iPhone App

Modern phones that run the Android or iOS operating system (built by Google and Apple respectively) can make use of applications (or app’s) that can be download and run on a mobile handset. One of each type was created consisting of the information from the mobile site but augmented with a compass showing the directions and distance to the next tree in the walk. The Android App can be downloaded for free (although data charges may apply depending on your mobile tariff) from Google Play by searching for “Maryon”. The iPhone App is coming soon.

Guided Walks

On the Open Day for Maryon Wilson Park the Tree Walks were launched by offering three guided walks around Tree Walk One, led by Greenwich Council’s award winning arborist and tutor James Hedges.

Learning Materials

Some time was spent collecting learning materials on the internet and list of useful resources was created.

What we do