Areas covered

Maryon Park, Maryon Wilson Park, Gilbert’s Pit and Barrier Park (referred to generally as the parks for the sake of simplicity).

Aims and Objectives

To campaign for the safety at all times of park users and of the animals under care there, including urging the appointment of two regular full-time park-keepers.

To ensure the regular maintenance and improvement where necessary of the parks and their access routes and the conservation and bio-diversity of their plant-life.

To encourage the dissemination of information about the flora and fauna in the parks for people’s general education and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and nurturing such an environment.

To work in close partnership with the local authority in the pursuit of these aims and objectives.

To promote a sense of community spirit and shared pleasure in relation to all work and activity undertaken in the parks, including maintenance links with all local schools so that the children can derive maximum enjoyment from what the parks have to offer.

To encourage park users themselves to treat the parks’ environment with respect and consideration, both for their own enjoyment and for that of other park users.


By expressed wish. No subscription to be requested initially.


To be held regularly at approximately two-month intervals, with an AGM at the end of the year.


A starting grant of £200 was received from the local authority. Provisions for subsequent accounting were agreed at the meeting directly following the receipt of the grant.

Original document 2001

Retyped 10/2009

Amended as agreed at AGM 11/11/2010