News Letter One May 2012

The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks, a voluntary community group have
adopted the former council plant nursery in Maryon Park Charlton to transform it into a
community food-growing project.

April 2008 The Council’s Maryon Park Development Plan proposes that the old plant
nursery in Maryon Park could become a community garden.

March 2011
Former chair of the Friends Mickey Dell suggests that the Friends could look into taking
on the disused council nursery as a community food growth project.

April 2011
1st April 2011, after over 15 years since the council gardeners worked on the site, the
Friends start work to clear the plant nursery.

The Entrance path (April 2011)

May 2011
Friends member, Paul Breen applies for a grant from Capital Growth.

The Entrance path (May 2012)

December 2011
Capital Growth provide a grant of £350 for gardening tools.
A New Year: 2012 Terraced growing beds and steps are uncovered on site.

February 2012
The Chair of the Friends applies for grant support from Transform, the London 2012
Changing Places legacy programme via Groundwork the sustainable green living Trust.

March 2012
Ten volunteers worked on the Food Growing Project on Saturday 17th March 2012,
Capital Growth’s Big Dig Day.
Big Dig Day

Ben Renolds, the founder of Capital Growth and The Big Dig. Members of MIND and
Ben and his daughter Lotte, who joined the team, both worked very hard helping to
clearing the site. Steps are discovered on the terraced beds.

April 2012 The Friends are awarded £5,000 funding support by Groundwork from the
Transform Olympic heritage environmental fund.

April 2012 Tim and Edna Anderson attend a Groundwork Training Session

May 2012 During a session working on site, Liz Green uncovers more steps.

May 2012 The Council, who have treated an area of Japanese Knotweed on the first west
terrace, give the O.K. to clear the dead Knotweed.

May 2012 The Council remove rubbish found on the site including a set of pram wheels,
two bathroom taps, a grate from a fireplace, a large road reaper red and white warning
chevron and an old sun lounger.

May 2012 First crops found on site including spring onions and a bay leaf tree.

Join us for the official launch our Community Food Growing Site + Big Lunch
Saturday 2 June at 12 noon (until 3pm)
Celebrate the Olympic Transform and Groundwork funding support
Come prepared to work on site.
Wear suitable clothing, bring a picnic.